Saturday, October 17, 2009

Menoquil is Best Natural Supplement for Menopause, AVOID DANGEROUS HORMONE THERAPIES!

Think that using bio identical hormones for menopause is ideal? Think again!

A CBC News article cites a well known doctor who advises that the risks of using such unproven and dangerous hormones, is indeed, like playing with fire!

“A Winnipeg doctor sounded a warning Monday over a therapy intended to ease the symptoms of menopause in women. Dr. Richard Boroditsky of the Mature Women's Centre at Winnipeg's Victoria Hospital told CBC News that women are being misinformed about the therapeutic use of compounded bio-identical hormones, sometimes referred to as compounded hormones. The hormones are made from natural sources and mimic the hormone levels of women in their 30s to help with symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. Boroditsky cautions, however, that compounded hormones have not been tested, regulated or labeled according to Health Canada standards, and that the therapy may present a cancer risk to patients.”

You can read the whole article in its entirety Here

Don’t play with fire.

Rather, use a proven and safe, all-natural supplement like Menoquil to treat your symptoms.

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